Dec 14th 2018

Let’s Celebrate 2019

A special experience in a wonderland created by Central as a New Year present for everyone. Central Chidlom and Central Embassy

Nov 23rd 2018

Holiday in Style

Start your New Year in style with Seafolly, the perfect companion on your dream beach holiday. Australian beachwear brand...

Nov 23rd 2018

Pattern Play

Lisette Scheers is the brains behind nala Design, the Asian Culture Inspired Label that redefines and brings a unique perspective to Eastern elements.

Nov 23rd 2018

Midnight Wish

Featuring festive colors and celebratory sparkles that represent dreams and happiness, the collection comes...

Oct 30th 2018

Let's Celebrate!

Committed to delivering the best products and services to its customers, Central Department Store celebrates...

Sep 28th 2018

Fall Fashion Forward

Get latest fashion updates before anyone else to complete you look with special items that you shouldn't miss.

No.197 • November - December 2018

Let's Celebrate

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