Nov 23rd 2018

Pattern Play

Lisette Scheers is the brains behind nala Design, the Asian Culture Inspired Label that redefines and brings a unique perspective to Eastern elements. Scheers uses her imagination to create clothing, and home and fashion accessories featuring distinctive patterns that will surely excite design lovers. Let’s get to know the talented designer behind this inspiring brand.

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What’s your design philosophy?
“Life is short, so surround yourself with beautiful things. I pay attention to small details in life, from the color of my coaster to my dining table. I believe that there’s value in every design item. If you put your heart into the design, the result is always great.”

What are your sources of inspiration?
“My inspiration comes from travelling and seeing the world. Many of my patterns are inspired by Peranakan culture in Malaysia, and when visiting Bangkok, I am inspired by the wrought iron in the Old Town and colorful tropical fruits. These things never fail to inspire me.”

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Describe your design process.
“I spend most of my time in Malaysia as my family is there. The patterns that I see in this region inspire nala’s patterns. 
It’s not easy to come up with unique designs, so I spend a lot of 
time working on my patterns. They are hand-drawn and I carefully make sure that they are the best they can be. I trust my instincts.”

Tell us about the future of Nala.
“I am now focusing on making my designs excellent. In the future, I want to have a small but cozy hotel decorated with nala products. It will certainly complete my dreams!”

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