Jan 29th 2019

Time to Celebrate

Chinese New Year have something more to share!

Celebrated to herald the arrival of spring, Chinese New Year is a major event that begins on the first day of the first month of the ancient Chinese lunar calendar. New Year’s Eve is the most special evening as it is when the entire family gathers for dinner and offers each other good wishes. Next morning is when the gods descend from heaven. The celebration ends on the 15th day of the Chinese New Year with the Lantern Festival, which is still observed in many countries around the world.

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Chinese New Year is all about spreading harmony and sharing happiness. There are many traditions related to the celebration involving gift-giving, home decoration, what to wear and, of course, what to eat. The house is usually cleaned to remove bad luck, and decorated with red and gold messages wishing family members luck, happiness, wealth and prosperity on New Year’s Eve. Many people would refrain from eating meat on the first day on the New Year, believing that it will give them a longer and happier life, which is probably why the dinner table on New Year’s Eve is laden with pork, duck and chicken dishes, and many other treats. Firecrackers are lit to scare off evil energy. In the morning, children wish older family members a happy new year and, in return, get red envelopes containing money in an amount that has something to do with the number eight, considered lucky in the Chinese culture.

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