Feb 13th 2019

Time to Celebrate

Valentine’s Day have something more to share!

Celebrated to herald the arrival of spring, Always celebrated on February 14, Valentine’s Day actually commemorates the death of Saint Valentine, a high priest who lived in Rome in the 3rd century during the reign of Emperor Claudius II. The emperor had forbidden weddings because he wanted men to join wars, and believed that men who didn’t have wives waiting for them made for braver soldiers. Valentine, in defiance, wed young lovers in secret, but was eventually found out. The priest was arrested and executed on February 14, and the day was soon dedicated to this saint who sacrificed himself for the sake of love. Poet Geoffrey Chaucer who lived in the 15th century, when courtly love was at its most fashionable, invented our present-day idea of this special day. Today, on the 14th of February, lovers express their love and admiration by giving gifts, flowers and chocolates.

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The heart shape as we know it is an ideograph inspired by the leaves of ivy originating from ancient Greece. Ivy leaves represent endless love as they are green all year round. Ivy vines also represent strong affectionate attachment. Ancient Romans typically carved ivy on their loved ones’ tombstones, while the Christian used this symbol to represent eternal love. The shape of the ivy leaf was later given a red color as it’s the color of blood, thus the origin of the red heart symbol as we know it today.

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