Feb 12th 2019

My Sweet Valentine

Central Premiere has curated a list of restaurants for couples seeking to make their Valentine's Day unforgettable with a special meal, be it a creative breakfast, an intimate afternoon tea or a romantic dinner for two.


Central celebrates the New Year with home happiness, presenting a new concept at 'Living House' The Collective Living Room on the 6th floor of Central Rama 3. Enjoy a special Dining Community for couples looking for a place to celebrate their Valentine’s Day and other special occasions. Indulge in delicious offerings at Maillard Butcher & Steak and try Thai Wagyu dry-aged steak, cooked to perfection to indulge meat lovers. Those who love bone marrow will not be disappointed here.

For something a little spicy, try Pa Kaew Crispy Chicken and try crispy-skinned chicken, som tam, and Thai spicy salad. If you love wok-fried dishes, Sanyod Wok brings you its famous Hong Kong kale and beef rad na, and special dishes nam liab stir-fried noodles, noodles with roasted duck sauce, and XO sauce noodles. Korean food lovers should check out The Bibimbab for flavorful Korean dishes such as hot bibimbab and other dishes. Italian cuisine fans should check out famous pizzas at Peppina.

At Cooking Studio, cooking lovers can explore endless possibilities, while at Round Center, there are many ideas waiting to be discovered. Try some pillows at Pillow Testing Room before making a decision.

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This restaurant is on the list for couples who love the unique and unconventional. The shop’s meticulously designed interiors feature beautiful vintage plates, animal-print patterns and Victorian-inspired elements.      

The menu is no less impressive. Premium ingredients are used to make every dish special. A Fox's Signature Pizza, topped with grilled vegetables, tapenade paste (made from crushed olives) and goat cheese, is a dish couple can share. The Cumin Rosemary Lamb is a roasted dish that’s cooked perfectly (no odd smells), while the Summer Chicken is an engaging dish spotlighting roasted chicken with chili sauce, basil and peppermint. For a lighter option, try the stuffed red snapper with lentils, potatoes and dill, a tasty and well-cooked palate pleaser.

A Valentine’s Day meal won’t be complete without dessert. Choose from a scrumptious array that includes Salted Chocolate Tart with a buttery, flaky crust; Prune-Pistachio cake; and, for those who like sugared almonds, the creamy Praline.

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Ordering Thai food is not just about choosing one dish, but planning an overall menu where all the flavors of the dishes main dish, curry and a complimentary dish go together. The name of the restaurant, which means “dishes to eat with rice and fish”, is consistent with the concept of traditional Thai cuisine, where steamed rice is always eaten with a variety of side dishes.

A must-try is the kaeng pa (jungle curry), a hot soup with Thai pepper seeds, fragrant krachai (Chinese ginger) and other Thai herbs. Also recommended is the Crab Balloon Omelet, which wraps huge chunks of crabmeat in egg. The omelet perfectly pairs with other dishes like fried squid with salted egg, deep-fried chicken wings, and any of the restaurant’s curry selections. The spicy santol salad, when available, is another dish you can’t miss.

The appetizers or snacks are various, including Hong Kong-style spring rolls and miang pla kapong, a scrumptious snack where sea bass is sliced into small pieces, dipped in flour, deep-fried and served with vegetables, noodles and spicy sauce. Kub Kao’ Kub Pla’s menu also includes sea bass with tamarind sauce and crispy lemongrass, spicy fried chicken with cumin leaves, pomelo salad with crispy shrimp (you’ll definitely come back for this dish), and fish cakes with old-style curry.

The restaurant, dressed in elegantly modern interiors, is also a good choice for small parties and meet-ups with friends.

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Couples who like traditional Gallic delights will not be disappointed at the selection at French patisserie and bistro Paul. The menu highlights hearty dishes such as a thick onion soup with crispy bread and melted cheese, chicken breast with walnuts, and grilled salmon with Mediterranean-style sauce. A particular standout is the duck with orange sauce, a truly appetizing entrée served with fried mushrooms and chestnuts, and mashed potato.

Paul also offers a large choice of desserts such as éclair with different fillings, lemon tart, and strawberry tart. Chocolate fans can finish their meal with the intensely rich Black Forest, while nut lovers shouldn’t miss out on the Flan Normand with custard cream and crunchy almonds. Another great choice is the madeleine, a buttery pastry so simple yet so delicious that even French intellectual Marcel Proust couldn’t resist its humble appeal.

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Luxurious Parisian-style setting? Check. Romantic ambiance? Check. Garden panoramas and city views? Check. Audrey Cafe Glamour ticks all the boxes for the perfect Valentine’s Day date. Of course, the menu is nothing short of amazing. The most ordered items include the Truffle Cream Soup, Crab Soufflé with Lobster Brandy Sauce, and Flying Fish Roe Cream Spaghetti. The Smoked Salmon Salad is a must-try dish that comes with a large piece of fish, fresh greens and flavorful Japanese-style dressing. Another dish that should not be missed is the Braised Pork Leg. Cut into squares and cooked until tender, the pork is served with two kinds of sauce: chili and a sweet option similar to satay sauce.

The restaurant’s signature dish, however, is Audrey’s Deep Fried Shrimp, a moreish treat served with cream sauce and cashew nuts. Fried ricefish and chopped spring onions are served with this dish. Audrey’s does another dish so well that you wouldn’t want to have it anywhere else the Omelet with Rice and Sea Food Tom Yum combines spicy seafood, fluffy omelet and steamed rice for a truly spectacular dish.

To end the meal on a sweet note, order the Crepe Cake or the Crispy Waffle with Thai Tea Sauce. They also have Thai desserts in coconut milk. 

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Nara's new concept restaurant is a tea room that will appeal to lovers of tea, as well fans of specially created Thai fare. Some may call it fusion food, but the food at Lady Nara is really about Thai recipes made with our favorite ingredients. The Catfish Spaghetti is a deliciously spicy dish that can compete with traditional Italian-style spaghetti, while the Steamed Rice with Bacon and Cheese Omelet combines the familiar flavors of our favorite comfort food. The menu also includes creatively styled fare such as Spaghetti with Spicy Fried Catfish and Ginger, Salmon Tom Yum, and Dried Khao Soi.

Couples who come in the afternoon can share the Lady Nara Signature Tea Set, which comes with specially crafted brews and delicious scones. Lady Nara also has Thai desserts that have been prepared in a creative manner. The khanom krok, for one, will surprise you with its special presentation. 

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Perfect for couples with a penchant for everything sweet, Paris Mikki at OPEN HOUSE is a patisserie that uses only the most premium ingredients to create amazing desserts. Showcased in luxuriously modern displays, each cake is created to look like a piece of jewelry. The Tarte aux Fraise is a unique, drool-worthy treat made with sweet and juicy strawberries, and special cream. Lovers of French pastries will know that this dessert epitomizes the spirit and technique that goes into French baking. No other dessert from the many other French-inspired patisseries in the city can compare.

Many of their desserts are not new, but presented in such a creative manner that each one looks like a masterpiece. Even a simple dessert like lemon tart is a piece of art, topped with perfectly peaked meringue. The raspberry tart is also a revelation, layering fluffy pastry cream underneath fresh sweet raspberries. Paris Mikki also has a wide variety of éclairs, although the classic vanilla éclair remains a favorite. The slightly sweet sugar icing nicely balances out the soft pastry shells and rich vanilla cream filling.

As for the more patisserie’s more intricate creations, the Sir Edward Island is a sophisticated cake with raspberry, fig jam, caramel and lemon jam in between layers of soft sponge cake, making each bite a harmonious balance of sweet and sour tastes.

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From its first location at Soi Rangnam to a pop-up store in New York, Kay's Boutique Breakfast is now at OPEN HOUSE at Central Embassy. The trendy restaurant elevates the breakfast experience, giving a creative twist to food typically eaten in the morning. The French toast, for example, crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, has a custard-like flavor, and is either served on a plate or a glass.

For the latter, the toast is cut into squares, stuffed into a glass along with banana slices and almonds, and then topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. It can be served as a dessert or as breakfast fare for those who want to start their day with a sugary meal.

Their coffee is good, but you may want to try non-caffeinated options like The Hulk, a cold green tea concoction topped with dark chocolate; the Bomb, an intense iced chocolate drink; or the Cocha, which mixes coconut juice with green tea. The rose-flavored drinks Sparkling Rose and Rose Latte are also lovely.

Those who can eat breakfast fare the entire day can try the Three Crispies Salad. For something healthier, they have the Soy Yogurt Granola or the Avo-Mango Toast. The Soy Milk Banana Pancake is a great option for the lactose-intolerant. You can also order the Double the Hangover French Toast Please to fully load up on energy before starting a bright new day with your special someone. 

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