Jun 21st 2019

A True Romance

If you’re looking for a place in the city for a romantic dinner for two, here are some ideas.

Central Food Hall @Central Chidlom
You won’t go to Central Food Hall on a date, but you can come here to get ingredients if you want to cook him or her a special dinner at home. A good steak dish is actually not hard to cook if you have the right ingredients. Central Food Hall has a huge selection of premium meats to choose from, as well as mint sauce and mustard to bring out the flavors of the meat even more. If your date likes it spicy, pick up a couple of hot sauces from the wide selection at the supermarket, as well fresh vegetables to cook as sides. But if you’re not into cooking, the gourmet food destination also offers ready-to-eat food. You can even get barbecued ribs and marinated lamb rack, cooked to perfection and ready to enjoy. (All you have to do is put it on a plate.) Pair it with creamy mashed potato (yes, they have that at Central Food Hall, too) and, with just a few drops of truffle oil, you can create an irresistible side dish.

For something less filling, the hall also has a selection of quiches, both sweet and savory, as well as fresh breads and from the bakery and lots of cheese. Regardless of the food you buy, make sure to grab some flowers to set up the table and add a touch of romance to your home-cooked dinner. Throw in some scented candles and decorative items from Central Chidlom on 5 th to make the meal even more impressive.

Central Food Hall : Central Chidlom On 1 st

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It's happened to be a Fox Princess and a Spider @Central Chidlom
Many people remember this restaurant despite, or probably because of, its long name. But It's happened @Central Chidlom (as locals have taken to calling it) is memorable not just for its name but for its good food and how they’re presented with vintage-inspired tableware amidst a fantastical black and white setting.

Menu favorites to share include the ham, mushroom and spinach pizza, which comes with a thin and crispy crust, and homemade sauce, and the appetizer of Parma ham and melon. If you both love cheese, try the fried burrata with pesto sauce. The black squid ink pasta with seafood is flavorful and extremely delicious, but perhaps not a good idea for a first date. For a healthier treat, try the Avocado Toast, or the the red Alaskan king crab with dried chili.

Wash all of it down with freshly squeezed orange juice made from premium oranges from the Fang district. The restaurant is also famous for its cakes the mango tart, in particular, is highly recommended.

It's happened to be a Fox Princess and a Spider : Central Chidlom On 2 nd

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SIWILAI CITY CLUB @Central Embassy
There are many spots to choose from at this expansive dining complex. Head to City Bar to enjoy classic cocktails as well as special drinks like The Embassy, and Rise & Shine. These pair well with the Double’N Cheese burger or the SIWILAI Fried Chicken. If you want something lighter, go for the sourdough with tomato and anchovies, or the grilled portobello mushroom with bechamel sauce and truffle oil. For a delicious barbecue-style meal, make you way to The Grill where you can enjoy high-grade Thai Wagyu cooked to your taste. The meat tastes even better dipped in the restaurant’s famous jaew sauce.

Those looking for distinctly local flavors should check out Eatery, which offers flavorful savory dishes such as tiger prawns from Chumphon served with tamarind sauce, and beef tongue from Surin served with chili sauce.

The Terrace beckons for happy hour and beyond. This is the best place to indulge in signature drinks like Coffee & Bacon Old Fashioned, which combines the sweetness of honey with the salty flavors of deep-fried bacon. If you’d rather go alcohol-free, the area also has good mocktails such as the Indigo Tea and Bubble Black, which contains coffee and pomelo juice.

This outdoor terrace is one of the more popular spots in SIWILAI CITY CLUB. It gives off a cozy beachside vibe despite being surrounded by skyscrapers. Certain tables come with curtains for couples and small groups to get more privacy.

SIWILAI CITY CLUB : Central Embassy, Level 5

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Eathai @Central Embassy
Eathai is the perfect place to bring your date if you both want to enjoy different types of regional fare in a more casual setting.

Khrua Chao Wang features recipes from ML Nueng Nilrat, the well-known former cook of the royal court, such as kaeng ranjuan (spicy pork or beef soup), green curry with fish and salted egg, deep-fried snacks with chili and ginger, and sago soup with quail eggs. You can also try the famous chili paste mentioned in the legendary cook’s books at this Eathai outlet.

Eau Hua Suki from Samyan is available here, bringing along its famous suki dip, and marinated pork and chicken. Other popular dishes at Eathai are the pad Thai, chicken rice from Pratunam, and ban phae noodles with crayfish. For drinks, don’t miss the sugarcane juice and fresh palm juice with crushed ice.  

The food is brought to your table by the staff, so you don’t have to stand and wait at each stall after ordering.

Eathai : Central Embassy, Level LG 

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Wannjai Cafe @Central Rama 3
Wannjai Café’ gives Thai desserts a modern twist to make them more appealing for today’s consumers. Must-tries include Salted Egg Cotton Candy Bingsu with chewy taro flour balls, the refreshing Cotton Candy Bingsu Tao Tueng with Longan Juice, and old-style toasts that combine familiar flavors with new textures by mixing fillings like pork floss in sweet chili paste with salted egg.

Drinks are varied, including coffee made from beans sourced from Nan, and the very sweet palm sugar macchiato. If you’re looking for something fresh and to cool down from the heat, try the lime juice with soda and butterfly pea.

Wannjai Cafe : Central Rama 3 On 6 th

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