Dec 6th 2018

Let’s Celebrate!

It’s time to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. Central Home Department proudly offers table decoration ideas for an impressive party. To create an ambience of luxury, use the classic red-gold color and the clean white tone. And focus on the green color of the plants to make a stylish and modern look.

Red and gold have many shades. Choose a dark color or shade of pink gold to mix with other shades of gold. Since we choose the red-gold color on the dining table, we should have a medium color, such as light to dark brown of wood grain, to create harmony.

For the question of whether to use an artificial or real wax candle, it depends on your preference and suitability. A lace-carving metal cup candle presents a romantic flickering light. If it was an artificial candle, the flame is like a real one but not as beautiful.

Fragrance is another thing you should not overlook. Light a candle in the corner and use only the one you want the room to be like. The scent of pine or warm spices is recommended for Christmas.

Mixing different tableware is fun and challenging. It depends on your creativity of imagination. The combination of patterns of the dish can create a relaxed atmosphere. For colors, however, it’s better to match the main tone.

Even though some people think that table setting with salt and pepper is unfavorable for chefs, your party at home might not be the case. You can place a set of ingredients between two guests, because each people have different taste preference. But if you hire a chef to deal the task, ask him/her if you can put the seasoning ingredients on the table.

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A white-green color scheme always looks modern and matches a celebration theme of any occasions. It depends on how we decorate the centerpiece and what type of flowers or what scent of candles we choose.

The simpler the design is, the more careful the selection of materials must be. Try different surfaces that look beautiful together, such as melamine or plastic material easily matched to fine porcelain dinnerware.

At Home Department of Central Chidlom, you can find a silver spoon set with handle made of white synthetic material which comes in both a pearl-like surface and a design that imitate a bamboo branch which was popular in the Sixties and has come back again.

Artificial flowers and leaves actually look very real nowadays. Choose odd-shape artificial ones, instead of fresh ones which have limited patterns. We can also blend the artificial and the fresh ones. For example, for a Christmas party, combine fresh pine leaves and cinnamon sticks then tie with raffia rope. Place it on the folded napkin on the dish of each guest. The smell of fresh pine leaves offers a special festive atmosphere.

The arrangement of centerpieces, such as candle holders or vases, should not interrupt eye-to-eye contact among guests. So everyone around the table can see and talk easily. It’s a tip of a successful party that guests can enjoy conversation. We can use white for the plate and utensils, except a soup bowl that might have green part less in proportion than the white part. If the table is wood, choose a natural linen tablecloth or a marble pattern tablecloth to make a clean look. It is a simple yet creative and unique décor.

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