The Chao Phraya River is a symbol of our heritage, of where we came from and where we’re goingfor generations, it has facilitated the flow of life, moving in one direction only: forward.

We’ve moved from the floating markets and merchant routes of Ayutthaya to the sprawling mega-malls of big, bad Bangkok city, but some things never change: our desire for knowledge, substance, style, self-betterment, the best things in life, tangible and otherwise – our desire to be SIWILAI.

The multi-brand retail concept store takes its name from the English word, ‘civilized.’ Inspired by self-expression and its connotations of progress and development, it alludes to Siwilai’s physical platform of carefully curated goods, services and experiences that stimulate growth and exchange of new ideas. Most importantly, SIWILAI is a Thai retail concept store—like the river that inspired it, it intersects culture, commerce and international trends in local contexts. It signifies a continual step forward into contemporary culture while maintaining a firm grasp on its Thai roots.

At its core, SIWILAI is an interactive bridge between brands and their clients. Be it the highly knowledgeable staff, the artistic curation and display, or the creation of special pop up installation, SIWILAI’s new retail format grants brands greater freedom in representing themselves and in relation to one another within Siwilai’s collective retail story.

The store will thus become an interactive bridge between brands and their clients, engaging visitors beyond merely 'buying' with activities, art exhibitions, collaborations and pop-up events. Siwilai is establishing a new definition of luxury, where it is not about what you have but how you use it.