Brilliant Bangkok

Summer in Bangkok is hot but it can also actually be fun. When the heat becomes too unbearable, escaping to the beachor the mountains is not your only option; you can stay indoors and spend time shopping at chic department stores, eating at cool (literally) restaurants and gaining inspiration at creative spaces. At night, you can explore Bangkok’s Chinatown, a world-famous food destination.The city also has an array of cool jazz and secret bars to check out.


Chinatown is famous for its street food, but over the years, many of its small alleys have been transformed into chic areas lined with cool Thai-inspired bars and hip restaurants. You can start your night by indulging in a feast of grilled fish and prawns at any one of the famed seafood restaurants on Phadung Dao Road (Soi Texas), or cross to the other side of the street to experience amazing dim sum and noodles at the famous Hongkong Noodle shop. From there, make your way to Soi Nana and chill out at one of the bars that have cropped up on this row. Try Tep Bar, a small cocktail lounge that has drinks infused with local ingredients and bands performing modern renditions of traditional Thai folk music. If you’re hungry again after a few rounds of drinks, make a stop at Khao Tom Plang Nam 2 before calling it a night.