Fit to Eat

How wonderful it would be if people who are obsessed with food aesthetics have their own heaven-like area? Central has created it, at Central Home Department, Central Food Hall, Eathai, and Dean & Deluca provide all ingredients of a tasty life.


At Every Central Department Store

Create the full meaning of home with a variety of lifestyle products well selected from all corners of the world at Central Home Department, a place where you’ll change the definition of home decoration to your own style. An array of home appliances and décor products are available in different themes. Moreover,you can know new and updated trends before anyone else, especially about cookware and tableware that supply needs of men and women of all ages.


Level LG, Central Embassy

Come experience delightful authentic Thai food at 13 food zones in Eathai section, LG Central Embassy. Specifically, a selection of local Thai food from four different regions and Thai street food is served to you in a luxury department store. Moreover, at Moom Aroi (delectable food corner), famous food shops alternate every two weeks while at Talad Eathai decorated with bamboo-woven baskets and a zinc shack provides fresh and dried food and Thai desserts. Other interesting zones include Thai desserts, Chinese cuisine and cooking classes, Issaya Cooking Studio by ‘Chef Ian Kittichai’ who teaches traditional Thai dishes to those interested.


Level 2, Central Embassy

This New York-born restaurant offers food, beverages and desserts in a light, bright and airy setting. A cool, open-plan design enhances the cafe’s modern look, while the pleasant aroma of fresh coffee infuses the place with a welcoming homey vibe. A small grocery store sells premium goods and produce from all over the world. To welcome the rainy season, Dean & Deluca offers various signature dishes such as Eggs Benedict, and Ham & Cheese Melt. Every dish the restaurant prepares uses specially selected ingredients. Enjoy the special taste of New York today at all Dean & Deluca branches.