Roaring Rajchaprasong

At the heart of Bangkok, Rajchaprasong is symbolized as a land for shopping, enjoying a tasty life and savoring a smooth cup of coffee.

Rajchaprasong Road
This department gets inspiration from street fashion in a cool atmosphere of loft art which boosts the power of active young men and women who appreciate new challenges. Starting from the Sports Fashion Zone, you can fill your wardrobe with stylish and functional outfits from famous brands such as ADIDAS, NIKE, CALVIN KLEIN PERFORMANCE, PUMA, etc. Next, drop by Unisex Fashion which will urge you to express yourself without sex limitation with leading brands that incorporates 'lifestyle' and 'performance', such as CONVERSE, ONITSUKA TIGER, ASICS TIGER, SCOTCH & SODA. For real sneakers fans, don’t miss to update rare shoes from NEW BALANCE, POLO. RALPH LAUREN, SPERRY TOP-SIDER and TOMS, etc. Head to the Activewear Zone, a place for women who pay attention to health and get ready to show off their firm body in a tight outfit. Be fit and firm in a trendy style with L'URV, JENIM, WAKINGBEE and PREE brands. However, if you are crazy in jeans, a perennial favorite, come to the Denims Designer Zone which is remarkable for the shop SELVEDGEWORK where you can create your own unique jeans in the world and find many creative products. Tens of thousands of creative items and chic gifts are available in the Trend Shop zone. In addition, travelers looking for new luggage that fit into the lifestyle, travel, and items needed for upcoming trips have to come to the Luggage Travel & Accessories Zone which offers a wide selection of functionalities to suit every traveler's needs. There are also fashion watches with limited editions. With the unique design of ISSEY MIYAKE, GARMIN, CASIO, DIESEL, the MUJI Flagship Store is the only lifestyle brand in Japan that dominates the world in its exclusive store in Thailand.


Level 4, ZEN
Discover your own style at Thai Designer Zone, the creative space of the new wave people who interestingly transfers Thai DNA to design work. Find many popular brands for young men, such as Q DESIGN AND PLAY, PATTRIC BOYLE, R'S BY ZIBETH, LEISURE PROJECT STORE, GROUNDER BKK and C'V that answer requirements of stylish young men who enjoy new experiment.


Located right in the heart of the city, Groove @CentralWorld is the ultimate hang-out for the Bangkok urbanite. A wide range of restaurants and cafes provide a great selection of food and desserts, including the world-famous MAXIM’s Bistro and Fauchon. The inclusion of fashion and beauty zones makes Groove a world-class destination for people of all ages.


Level 5, ZEN

The department aims to meet the demand of gentleman of working age, who cares about personality, fall in love with dressing up and have a good taste of fashion, with a selection of T-shirt, polo, trousers, neck tie, bow tie, and suit from unique brands which are all available in same place for convenience. The Casual Fashion Zone led by TOPMAN brand has presented the latest collection for summer 2018 for young men. There are also popular brands that create a look that is great but less serious and not so formal, such as PAINKILLER, LACOSTE, H.E. BY MANGO and TIMBERLAND. However, for businessmen who love the unique and neat style of G2000, DAPPER, LTD, MORGAN HOMME and ARROW, you can find all you want here too. For a more perfect appearance from head to toe, you can choose your favorite shoes, bags, belts, or ornaments from the world’s top brands in the zone of Bag & Men’s Accessories. In the SUNGLASS HUT Zone, protect your eyes in a fashion style with quality sunglasses from leading brands. Moreover, don’t miss the world’s innovation in the realm of stylish and high-performance timepieces, such as GUCCI, LONGINES, SEIKO, RADO, TISSOT and MIDO.

You can enhance your confidence with key items in the Men’s Furnishings Zone like men’s comfortable and stylish underwear from various famous brands, such as EMPORIO ARMANI, POLO RALPH LAUREN, CALVIN KLEIN and HUSH PUPPIES. Probably end your happy day with premium coffee at Alto Coffee Roasters or have your hair styled by specialists who will take care of you and refresh your look at BARBERSMITH by BARBERFORD.


Level 5, ZEN @Centralworld
Enjoy a day of relaxation by taking in a cup of subtly flavored coffee at Alto Coffee Roasters, the café located in the center of ZEN Department Store. The cheery, light-filled, indigo-colored space is the perfect place for escaping hectic city life. Take a deep breath and savor the irresistible aroma of coffee beans selected from the best sources, and roasted with a secret technique that unleashes the brew’s unique flavor. Give yourself a nice break to refresh your mind and body.