Luxury Dining

How wonderful it would be if people who are obsessed with food aesthetics have their own heaven-like area? Central has created it, at Central Home Department and Central Food Hall. Both provide all ingredients of a tasty life.

“Central Food Hall at Central Chidlom is one of the most popular food destinations among Thais and foreigners because of its downtown location,” says Mr. Nick Reitmeier, Executive Vice President of Food Halls and International Buying, Central Food Retail Company Limited. “Central has revamped the food hall’s design, and introduced more premium products from around the world for our shoppers to enjoy.”

Describing this new dining experience, he expounds, “A New Dining Experience zone offers ‘Luxury Lifestyle Dining’ inspired by the long-standing department store KaDeWe in Germany. Four restaurants now offer their food in a bar-counter setting. Deli Bar is where professional chefs cook premium, fresh ingredients as requested by our customers. Grill Bar serves grilled meats and homemade pasta. If you like Spanish food, Tapas Bar by Uno Mas, our collaboration with Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Center, presents delicious dishes made with ingredients imported from Spain and created by Chef Joan Tanya Dot, the head chef of Uno Mas who has had more than 15 years of experience in the kitchen. Last but not least, Ocean Bar by Nagomi Tei and Thammachart serves premium sushi made with ingredients imported from Japan, as well as fresh oysters and lobsters from around the world. Central Food Hall at Central Chidlom is the first Central Food Hall where customers can order on a tablet, and also buy food from the supermarket to enjoy at their tables.”

Additionally, he also described how Central Food Hall also brings together the best food and produce from around the world. “The Grocery zone has more than 50,000 premium products from 76 countries, such as tea, coffee, drinks, snacks and sweets. At the Fruits and Vegetables zone, more than 500 types of fresh produce and 800 types of cheese from around the world are available.” Mr. Reitmeier also expounded on how Central Food Hall’s new look, and added conveniences and services reaffirm Central Chidlom’s
world-class status, and make it a landmark destination for food lovers within the city.