Delightful Desserts

‘Wannjai Cafe’, a destination for premium desserts, stands out for its modern interpretation of authentic Thai recipes, creative presentation, and reasonable prices.

This cozy café serves delicious desserts that are made fresh daily with carefully selected ingredients. The shaved ice bingsu, topped with sweet cotton made from salted egg yolk, and chewy and aromatic Thai taro balls (bua loi phuek) is a definite must, especially for those who like the combination of salty and sweet in their dessert. Another recommended treat is the Bingsu Sai Mai with Tao Thueng and Longan Juice, which gives a new taste to a familiar icy dessert.

As for beverages, the menu includes coffee drinks that use specially selected beans from Nan Province. Try the Anchan Cold Coffee, an aromatic brew with blue butterfly pea flower extract and milk, if you want your caffeinated brew with a local twist, or the iced macchiato with palm sugar if you like your coffee sweet. For caffeine-free options, they have the refreshing Anchan Tea with Lemon and Soda. The combination of sparkling soda and fragrant lemon juice provide some relief from the heat.

Wannjai Cafe Living House : Central Rama 3 On 6 th