Forever BLAACK

BLAACK by G2000 offers a new experience in fashion, with styles and silhouettes that revolve around the theme ‘Everything is BLAACK’, everything is intrinsic.

Central Trading Co., Ltd., the importer of classic clothing brand G2000 from Hong Kong, has recently announced the launch of a new brand, BLAACK by G2000, in Southeast Asia and Thailand for men who always want to look elegant and stylish, and for sartorialists who want to stay true to their personality and to live a life that doesn’t always ascribe to the old rules of fashion.

The brand’s name is a play on words. The color black, apart from symbolising solemnity, also connotes being tasteful and having a timeless sense of style. The first ‘A’ in the name refers to how black is an absorption of different colors. The second ‘A’ stands for ‘alpha male’, an energetic and dynamic man who is usually at the forefront of the trend. These represent the brand’s main concept, which compares the combination of colors that make up black to the peaceful association of people in a multiracial and multicultural community.

For spring/summer 2019, BLAACK by G2000 has unveiled its debut suit collection, which features unique designs and elaborate tailoring. Each suit is exquisitely crafted by tailoring specialists, and are made of quality fabrics imported from Italy. The shirts are key items, guaranteeing a perfect fit on all body types. Accessories, such as cufflinks and bow ties, are also available, representing the personality of discerning gentlemen who pay attention to every detail of life, whether in work or personal matters. Be on your way to becoming an alpha male with BLAACK by G2000’s premium-grade suits.

BLAACK by G2000 : Central Menswear Department, Central Chidlom On 4 th