Fairy Land

Sretsis: Welcome to Fairy Land

The sweetness of love in different forms is revealed both in Sretsis’ Spring/Summer 2018 collection, which relies heavily on feminine prints and ’40s-style silhouettes, and the fairy-inspired tea room Sretsis Parlour.

Sretsis Parlour is a special collaboration between Thai fashion brand Sretsis and famous British interior design House of Hackney, which has brought a fantastical fairy land to life. Sip aromatic tea and nibble on cake that’s too pretty to eat while gazing upon a brave lion, a graceful unicorn and other animals in a pink forest under a beautiful indigo sky.

One corner displays home decoration for sale, mostly  appliances and tools with designs and patterns that are  reminiscent of classic fairy tales.

Sretsis Parlour, the sweet, fairy land-inspired tea room, has opened its doors on the level 2, Central Embassy.